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SchmalzEXPO: Innovations in the Virtual Space

13 Oct 2020

Be it cookies or cartons, Schmalz has a solution for almost every handling task. The vacuum expert will present its latest developments and new products during its online trade show – SchmalzEXPO.

The SchmalzEXPO online trade show features autumn innovations from the automation and handling experts.

The new vacuum gripper SBPG for automated bin-picking

A lot is underway in Glatten. Two new grippers for the food industry, solutions for cobots, and fully automated intra-logistic processes are just a few examples of what users will experience at SchmalzEXPO. The finger gripper OFG is part of Schmalz’s range of components for handling objects flexibly and gently, which allows unpacked, delicate food products, such as doughnuts or chocolate kisses, to be packed gently and placed in trays. The flow gripper SFG is a new addition to the product range for baked goods with highly structured surfaces such as cookies. When it comes to bin-picking with precision, the “ ” bin-picking solution maintains a comprehensive overview, even of chaotically arranged objects.

The vacuum generator is just as important as the end-of-arm tool. A particularly compact example is the CobotPump ECBPMi, which is mounted directly on the robot arm and allows mobile robots and cobots to hold and deposit airtight workpieces securely. Schmalz has also equipped the ECBPMi with additional interfaces. IO-Link and RS485 support direct robot communication. An NFC interface simplifies communication with the user.

For intra-logisticians

Virtual trade show participants who want to learn more about manual handling can zoom in on the new multi-gripper, which gives users a flat and light tool with an optimized suction cup connection. This is made possible by combining an additive manufactured housing with an aluminum cover plate. The new multi-gripper handles cardboard boxes of different sizes safely, regardless of their level of stability.

Schmalz is also showing an extension to its ControlRoom app. The digital product folder function will also be available for vacuum lifters in the future. Identification tags on crane systems and vacuum lifters give users access to device-specific information as well as relevant service and contact data on their smartphones.